Personal Injury

Injured? Do Not Hesitate To Call For A Free Consultation

Being injured due to the intentional acts or negligence of another can be devastating. you may face lost wages, significant medical bills, and physical or emotional difficulty. In such instances, you deserve to receive compensation for the resulting damages. As such, it is important for you to consider contacting a qualified personal injury attorney when an unexpected injustice happens to you or your family. 


The right personal injury attorney can provide valuable assistance to you when you’ve been injured by the actions or inactions of someone else. Hemming & Associates, P.C. is prepared to help you, our valued client, fight for your rights in a variety of injury disputes, including but not limited to: 


Car Accident 

Truck Accident

Motorcycle Accident 

Bus Accident 

Bicycle Accident 

Pedestrian Accident 

Slip & Fall 

Gym Accident 

Premises Liability 

Assault & Battery 

Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress 

Dog Bite 

Accidental Drowning 

Medical Negligence 

Wrongful Death 


Hemming & Associates, P.C. Will Fight For Your Rights 

Personal Injury cases can be very complex. You may need to be able to prove that the other party is at fault, or you could fail to obtain the compensation which you deserve. An experienced injury attorney can assist in gathering facts and evidence pertaining to the case, assist you in determining the best course of action, and fight on your behalf in court. The right attorney can minimize your stress in what may be an incredibly difficult time. 

At Hemming & Associates, P.C., we are committed to providing our clients with zealous representation and reliable support. Our firm has the experience that you need to achieve the best results possible in your case. We will utilize our knowledge and experience to better serve you, and to help you pursue the justice which you deserve. Grant us the honor of providing you with the guidance that is necessary to win your case.  

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